Factoring, Finance & Invoice Discounting

Factoring is one of the most
practical solutions available to a
company facing cash flow problems,
but the prospect of
finding the right
factoring company
can be a daunting one.

Commercial Lending

There could be a variety of
reasons for seeking a
commercial lending provider,
but as with all major financial
decisions, it’s best to consult
an independent expert before
making a commitment.


Having struggled to build their
commercial enterprise up from
the ground, it’s perfectly
understandable that
owners may be
reluctant to make
difficult decisions
about insolvency. 

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Finance broker- why Hesketh Boyd is the right choice

Engaging the services of an experienced, accredited finance broker can secure your financial future, and at Hesketh Boyd we go the extra mile to ensure our clients get the best deals.

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the market, you can be sure of having access to the perfect deal to match your needs, whether you’re looking to finance a home purchase, to pay for debt consolidation or to buy a new vehicle.

And for the business community, Hesketh Boyd are on hand to provide solid, reliable advice - as well as access to a range of products which can help in difficult times. From factoring and invoice discounting solutions to commercial lending and insolvency advice, we offer our clients an unparalleled service.

A finance brokerage that works WITH you

As a broker with access to a comprehensive range of products and services, we recognise the importance of treating our clients as individuals. The circumstances surrounding each case, and the specific solutions that may be appropriate, will differ from one set of circumstances to another, and at Hesketh Boyd we ensure every client knows they are being treated as a separate entity.

Our services include everything you would expect from a respected leader in the finance field:

  • Factoring
  • Invoice discounting
  • Trade finance
  • Commercial lending
  • Business recovery packages
  • Insolvency advice
  • Asset finance

and so much more. Whatever your financial needs, it pays to speak to us.

We maintain an impressive network of finance providers which allows us access to special deals, many of which will not be available elsewhere. We are able to offer free and impartial advice to clients, and the fact that we are an independent finance broker means you can rely on us for the right guidance from the moment you contact us.

The finance broker for all your needs

Factoring and invoice discounting provide fast, effective solutions to the business community, and at Hesketh Boyd we can bring our knowledge and experience to bear in this sector, helping your company to turn unpaid bills into effective working capital with a minimum of fuss.

Whether the cash is used to pay existing accounts or to fund a wider restructuring programme is entirely up to you. 

If your financial future seems uncertain and you are seeking insolvency advice, we can help with this, too.  And should your company be looking for funding for an expansion programme, we have access to a range of commercial lending options which may well be of interest.

We know that our clients expect the best from us, and that they need fast, effective, affordable guidance. With this in mind, we provide a cheaper price guarantee, as well as offering specially negotiated rates on various products. There are so many good reasons to choose Hesketh Boyd.

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